Our Projects

From time to time at Performance Driven, we take on a new project to tune-up a car using the latest performance parts and software that we provide. We make the most of the latest performance technology from top brands, and we get some amazing results!

Our Projects

From time to time at Performance Driven, we take on a new project to tune-up a car using the latest performance parts and software that we provide. Take a look at some of our previous ventures, discover what we did, and see the results for yourself!

2016 – MK5 Golf GTI

We set about transforming a recently-acquired Golf Mk 5 GTI into a fully competent road and track performance car. Our first task was to fit a new suspension kit, produced by well-known suspension specialist, SuperPro. The kit comprises a full set of polyurethane suspension bushes as well as uprated and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, lightweight alloy front control arms with increased caster and a pair of replacement ball-joints with camber adjustment and roll centre correction.

As well as the handling kit, we opted for a V-Maxx height-adjustable coilover suspension kit. The V-Maxx height-adjustable kit provides a good balance between handling and ride quality. After stripping the standard suspension of the car, we assembled the new coilover kit, using brand-new top mounts. A major advantage when assembling coilover struts is that you don’t have to mess around with coil- spring compressors – just wind the threaded adjusters down to their lowest setting on the strut body, slide on the coil spring, install the top mounts and then wind the threaded adjusters back up half way to take up any slack in the spring

Next job was the brake upgrade and although tempted with a full four-pot calliper and big brake conversion, for the time being the Performance Driven team elected to use the simpler Sportline disc and pad upgrade from Brembo. This is a standard-sized replacement disc, dimpled rather than fully cross-drilled, claimed by Brembo to be the ‘best street discs, with superior performance suitable for moderate track use’. Always good practice when installing any brake replacement or conversion, is to spend some time carefully cleaning up the hub mounting face to make sure it is smooth and true, to avoid any possible problems with run-out and disc warping, before bolting on the new brakes.

To read the full story of the tuning of our MK5 Golf GTI, see our August and September 2016 articles featured in Volkswagen Driver!




  • Revo Stage 1 software – 260 PS / 285 lb.ft.
  • Revo 2.0 TFSI air intake system
  • Scorpion resonated cat-back exhaust system
  • GFB Diverter valve


  • SuperPro Mk 5 Golf handling kit comprising
  • Supaloy alloy front control arms with caster increase
  • Roll centre correcting and camber adjustment ball-ioints
  • Rear multi-link SuperPro bush kit
  • Uprated adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Torque arm lower insert bush kit
  • V-Maxx xed damping coilover suspension kit


  • Brembo Sport pads and discs

Wheels & Tyres:

  • Revo RVO19 8.5 x 19 inch in high gloss black, fitted with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti 235/35 R19 91Y


  • Alpine X801D-U Advanced Navigation and 8-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Alpine 8-inch ampli ed subwoofer box, Alpine 4-channel amplifier
  • Alpine 6.6-inch component 2-way speakers ( x 4 )

“The standard suspension had already been stripped off the car by the time we arrived, and so it was a straightforward job to assemble the new coilover kit, using brand-new top mounts…”

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