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We offer a full range of workshop services from Fixed Price Servicing, MOT’s, Cambelt replacement, Diagnostic assessments, 4 Wheel Alignment, A/C Servicing, Tyre fitting and balancing and Nitrogen tyre Inflation.

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Performance Driven Servicing


Having your car serviced regularly will ensure it stays in peak condition, making sure you get optimum performance and endurance from all components.

Performance Driven MOT and MOT Repairs Services

MOT & MOT Repairs

The MOT is a critical test which assesses whether a vehicle meets the legal safety and environmental standards to be considered roadworthy.

Performance Driven Timing Belt Cambelt

Timing Belt Replacement

All engines that are driven by a Timing Belt have to have the belt and tensioner replaced at a specific time or mileage set by the manufacturer.

Performance Driven 4 Wheel Alignment

4 Wheel Alignment

We can check 4 wheel alignment and camber using Supertracker equipment that is proven within the trade as being very accurate and reliable.

Performance Driven Brake Fluid Change

Brake Fluid Change

It is recommended that your brake fluid is changed every 2 years. Brake fluid has a tendency to absorb moisture, and as it gets older the boiling point of the fluid is reduced.

Air Conditioning Service Air con reconditioning

Air Conditioning Service

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 10-15% of its gas each year. Unless it’s replaced, the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed.

nitrogen tyre inflation services

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Ever heard of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation? We simply replace the oxygen within your tyre for Nitrogen. There are many benefits to doing so!

Engine Diagnostics Service

Engine Diagnostics

When car warning lights illuminate on your dashboard, an engine diagnostics check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Performance Driven Tyre Services

Tyre Services

Tyres in our opinion are the most important part of the car, as they keep the vehicle in contact with the road. For this reason, we have been very selective about which brands we recommend.