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Will an ECU remap invalidate me vehicles warranty?

No, it shouldn’t. All codes and diagnostics that a main dealer might read when a vehicle is in for a service or diagnostics will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all our remap files go through. In addition to this, EU Block Exemption Regulations it is illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to void your warranty because work has been carried out by a third party. This also covers vehicle tuning and engine remapping as long as the failure is not as a direct cause of the remap.


What is ‘’Block Exemption Regulations’’ for modification and warranty?

It is a common misconception that purchasing aftermarket and tuning products like sports exhausts and engine upgrades invalidate a car’s warranty. However, that just simply isn’t true.

Since the European Commission passed its new ‘Block Exemption Regulations’ in June 2010, it has become illegal for any dealership in the EU to invalidate a warranty as a result of a modification to the car. This legislation was brought about to help provide competition in the marketplace for repair and maintenance in the automotive industry and will remain in place until at least May 2023.


How long will it take to remap my vehicle?

A Plug and Play tuning module or a custom written OBD remap will usually take between 1-2 hours, depending on the vehicle. However, some vehicles especially those requiring bench tuning can take up to a whole day. Get in contact with us for an idea of how long it will take us to tune your vehicle.


Can the remap be reversed?

Absolutely. We offer this service free of charge if the vehicle is brought back to us. We’ll be very surprised if that’s what you want after taking one of our remap products, however in the case of lease cars some customers prefer to put the car back to standard before returning the car. Should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions or parts failure we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge where possible.


Do I need to notify my Insurance Company?

Whilst the remap is undetectable to dealer equipment, you should notify your insurance company of any modification to your vehicle. Many insurance companies do not penalise you for upgrades of this nature, particularly if you’re tuning for increased economy however a failure to disclose modifications may invalidate your policy. You may wish to enquire with your insurer if the modification will affect your policy prior to choosing one of our services.


Will the lifespan of my engine be reduced?

No. Our remaps are designed specifically to improve the performance of your vehicle whilst remaining within the tolerances of your vehicles’ components.

Sadly, in attempt to achieve ‘big numbers’ some other companies over tune engines, placing excessive stress on the engine, transmission, cooling systems, etc, leading to reduced life span and reliability of the vehicle. We pride ourselves in producing reliable remaps which do not over stress your vehicle but still produce impressive results.


What if the dealer wipes the map with a software update?

No problem. Simply bring the vehicle back in and we will take a fresh read of your ECU and write you a new map file free of charge. We offer this as part of our lifetime software support.


Why chose ECU remapping over a Diesel tuning box?

ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes. When we remap an ECU, it optimises various settings and parameters the ECU controls that a tuning box cannot as diesel tuning boxes can only give more fuel pressure. Beware of cheap tuning boxes for sale as these can lead to problems or not have any effect on the vehicle’s performance at all.


Is DPF removal legal?

DPF removal is illegal for a vehicle that is used for road use and will invalidate your vehicles MOT. All DPF software or removal work is carried out at the owner’s risk and intention.


For more information on our remapping services, please call: 01823 338696

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